This is a Global Call to stand in Covenant Relationship with Israel to pray for and bless this nation. There are three ways in which to participate - the call to connect with Israel:  Connecting through joining a The Israel Watch Canopy of Prayer; Connecting through a Marriage Covenant to the land; and by connecting through supporting prayer ministries in the land.



Four Blood Moon Witnesses:CLICK HERE to download..

Standing with Israel, Connecting with Israel

. . . By Prayer


The Global Israel Prayer Watch - A call to a global prayer watch for one hour weekly to cover Israel in a Canopy of Prayer - Join the Tabernatcle of David Wall of Prayer

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. . . By Covenant

jewish bridegroom

"The Groom, Messiah, says, "COME" join together in an Isaiah 62 call to marry the land of Israel.  Messiah awaits you.

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. . .By Support


gring  standing with Israel through  the Houses of Prayer and the growing prayer movement spreading through the Nation of Israel.

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