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The Israel Covenant International is a prayer ministry.  If you feel led to support us with a donation to help cover these costs, know that we will gratefully accept whatever you decide to give. We pray that our Canopy of Prayer over Israel, Ketubah and Marriage Agreement brings a great blessing to you. Your generous donation will be given to an Israel House of Prayer. For the listing of those prayer houses please contact us:  click here - Israel Covenant Contact Information.

As with all ministries, we of course do have expenses; however, we as a policy typically do not ask for contributions of any kind. We do, however, recognize that God moves on an individual's heart to contribute.

For those desiring to give - whatever amount you feel lead to do, please click the link for information below to do so. You ministry contributions are tax-deductible, and 100% of each contribution goes to support this ministry in Israel. Thank you for your love and generous heart for the people of Israel.

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