This is a Global Call to stand in Covenant Relationship with Israel to pray for the mandate of the biblical return of the Tribes of Israel to their homeland in Israel which is called “Aliyah Return.”



Standing with Israel, Connecting with Israel

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“Join the Aliyah Prayer House in Israel to pray for the return of the scattered tribes”

Pray for the Return of the 12 Tribes - A call to a global prayer watch for one hour weekly to cover Israel in a Canopy of Prayer - Join the Tabernatcle of David Wall of Prayer - Praying for the return of the 12–tribes includes praying over the covenant promises God made to each tribe and their inheritance which includes the land given to them.

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“Be a watchmen on the Wall for the Aliyah Return of the Sons of Jacob (Tribes) by signing up to receive the “Voice of Aliyah” New Letter (VOA) to become a prayer partner. (Click here to sign up for the News Letter).”

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gring  standing with Israel through  the Houses of Prayer and the growing prayer movement spreading through the Nation of Israel.

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