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MAY 2010


Israel Covenant Trip Report: Sun, May 23, 2010 6:50:40 AM

It is Sunday afternoon and we are packing to prepare to go to the airport at 2 AM.
We had planned on spending a quiet day on Saturday but the Lord had other plans. A prophet by the name of Alvin Whittle from Canada felt led to rent a car and drive us to Galilee. At the Sea of Galilee we had several prophetic acts that were carried out. Carolyn had found three identical old keys. Each had a Cross on the end of the key. After declarations they were deposited into the lake representing the calling forth of Harvest, Resurrection Power, and Gospel. As these declarations were being made Carolyn began to cry out "O Israel, The Lord your God is One God." When she did Five Jews entered the water to swim in front of us symbolizing Grace! We cast some moldy bread on the water symbolizing the releasing of the past and the calling forth of the new plans and purposes of God - We claimed the scripture that says to cast your bread on the water and it will come back to you a new. We then went to the synagogue at Capernium and had communion. Next we went through Nazareth and up to Mt. Tabor where Deborah and Barak slew the Philistines to claim victory over the giants in the land. It was a full day returning back to Jerusalem after 10 PM.

We are hoping to have the Prayer Wall (The Tabernacle of David Wall of Prayer) functioning on the web site by Friday of next week so we can begin to call nations to participate in a Israel Watch becoming part of a Canopy of Prayer. Please keep our follow up on this mission in prayer. WE also hope to soon have the Ketubah in place so watchmen can "Marry the Land" in a covenant and give a Dowry gift into the land to support the Houses of Prayer. This still has to be completed

Israel Covenant Trip Report:  Fri, May 21, 2010 8:54:43 PM

On Thursday Steve Cook took us over to Jericho where He has a prayer house. he is in the process of restoring a three story home to use. WE enjoyed worshiping with him and sharing his vision.
On Friday we started our day in the Garden of Gethsemane. we walked the Rampart on the Wall of Jerusalem. We then visited the upper room and shared communion. For Shabbat we went to the roof of a hotel that over looks the city. We worshiped over the city and shared communion.
We received a report that two leaders we prayed for were healed. It appeared both had cancer and were very ill. The lord honored our prayers and healed them.   Keep us in prayer as we are now looking more over the next couple of days at praying over the land. Blessings from Israel,-Jerry, Mike, Carolyn

Israel Covenant Trip Report:  Mon, May 17, 2010 9:52:30 AM 

Today we went to the City of David House of Prayer to pray and worship. We shared with them about the Israel Covenant Web site and the Ketubah. We met a lady from Soul S. Korea who is a publisher. She said she would help us write it for Korea. We went to the wailing wall and prayed. We had decided to look into getting tickets to go under the Western Wall. The guard saw what Carolyn was wearing around her neck. It has an ancient name for God on it. He asked her where she got it? He insisted she come in and look at part of the Western Wall next to the Holy of Holies. We all went in later and took the tour. When Carolyn said, "You don't have to do this for me." He responded, "Yes, I do! It is important for you to come today." We took this as a divine appointment.

On Tuesday we meet with Steve Cook who has the Jericho House of Prayer at Soccut Hallel House of Prayer. We are trusting in Him for Divine appointments. We are limiting our traveling at this point as finances are low. God is faithful and we are amazed at what he is doing. Blessings to you all from Jerusalem.  From Jerry Bowers, Carolyn and Mike Fletcher

Israel Covenant Trip Report:  Sun, May 16, 2010 10:28:54 AM 

It has been a busy time hear with limited ability to communicate. Friday we spent in Mt. Carmel. We visited Elijah's Cave and rested. On Saturday we worshiped at the Mt. Carmel Assembly Church and then met with David and Josie Silver. David has a ministry called "Out of Zion" which is going to nations to educate them about Israel. Josie has a Prayer Network called "Intercessors for Israel." We will be collaborating with them in our efforts to being about covenant relationship from believers in the nations who will commit to pray for Israel. Before leaving Mt. Carmel we anointed the land with Wine and Oil calling forth the threshing floor of Joel 2:24. We blew a silver trumpet and poured water calling forth living waters. Mike put a stake in the ground. We made it to Jerusalem Sunday afternoon and spent some prayer time at St. Annes Church to prepare for our week in the city.  From Jerry Bowers, Carolyn and Mike Fletcher



 We are preparing for this Mission to Israel May 10 to 24. We have prepared this web site to support the mission project. Our plan is to meet with key leaders in Israel that are involved in prayer in the land of Israel. We have appointments with a number of Houses of Prayer, Ministries and some Messianic Congregations and ask you to please keep our Divine Appointments in prayer.

Very recently I was contacted by a Ugandan Pastor, Mike Kingsley, who has a vision of having 1-Million Ugandans to pray for Israel. When I spoke to him him, he said he will have churches and people in Uganda sign up on our web site "prayer wall"(The Tabernacle of David Wall of Prayer) which we are currently working on.

Pastor Kingsley has invited me to attend a national prayer gathering in Uganda in December to help pray for Israel and will introduce me to the first lady of Uganda.

Israel Covenant is a new web site and is still under construction. Our desire to add the Prayer Wall (The Tabernacle of David Wall of Prayer) is most pressing. Please keep us in prayer for Jesus and for Israel. In the meantime we are waiting for the original work of art being created by a world renowned artist D. Burk. This will be used for the "Ketubah Marriage Covenant". Please pray for God's hand of favor to continue. I believe the nations restoring covenant to bless Israel will result in a world wide revival.

Pastor Kingsly shared with me about the history of his nation, Uganda. In the early 1940's when Hitler was persecuting the Jews, the League of Nations asked Uganda to receive Jews from Germany, but they refused. They have since repented of this action and have positioned themselves to bless Israel. They have even sent "rich soil" to bless Israel in agriculture. The result has been miraculously amazing. The area this soil was taken from in Uganda is now found to be full of gold and oil. It is true: "Those who bless Israel will be blessed." . . . . . Thanks for your prayers and support as this Mission is underway, REV JERRY BOWERS Canopy of Prayer, Int. Israel Covenant, Int.    From: Jerry Bowers & The Team

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