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PRAYER ALERT, Wed, June 16, 1:00 PM 

Prayer Point Strategy: There are 13 Cries for Mercy to declare morning and night for Israel to shift into God’s order along with specific spheres of influence called the 7-Mountains.  These thirteen mercies of God are poignant prayer points for our daily use.
God made a covenant regarding His '13 Attributes' in Exodus 34: 6-7, 10. The Jews believe that in this covenant, whenever the Israelites would recite these "Thirteen Attributes of Mercy" in a time of trouble, God would come to their aid. Click Here to read the 13 Mercies of God  


The Tabernacle of David Wall of Prayer, Wed. June 16, 2010 12:00A

The Tabernacle of David Wall of Prayer is online and ready for use. Please prayerfully consider a 1 hour increment to cover the Nation of Israel in a Canopy of Prayer. You will receive 'EMAIL ALERTS' for the most recent prayer focus' when you are signed up.


The Tabernacle of David Wall of Prayer:  Fri, June 4, 2010 11:13 PM

We are moving toward the launching of the Tabernacle of David Wall of Prayer on our new IsraelCovenant.Com web site. Our good friend, Wolfgang of Unlimited Nextwork Group, and his tech team are working on it now. We are prayerfully looking forward to have this fully functional and on our site on Friday, June 11, 2010.


"Jerusalem Day" - Monday June 7, 2010 is Jerusalem Day - Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem:  Thurs. June 3, 2010

Our good friend, Tom Hess of JHOPFAN, reminds us of the importance of prayer for Jerusalem as they commemorate the celebration of their reuniting of the capital on June 7i, 1967.  He writes "calling Christians in all nations to stand in solidarity with Jerusalem and her King, praying together for her peace and security on June 7th each year, beginning in 2010, but also throughout the year.  We will commemorate and give thanks to God for the fact that after thousands of years, on this historic day in 1967, Jerusalem was reunited as the Capital of Israel (Luke 21:24-33)."


Israel Covenant  Trip Update, Mike Fletcher,  Thurs. June 3, 2010

We met with Tom Hess at the Jerusalem House of Prayer who is an Apostolic Leader in the area who blessed us and sent us out with arm loads of books. We also connected in the City of David with the House of Prayer and with a number of Korean believers. In January the Lord had showed me a double gate on Mt. Zion which was closed. Peoples from many nations were trying to enter but were shut out. One of the assignments in the Spirit was to pray on Mt. Zion for the gates to be open for the Nations to return. On the day of Pentecost a fire broke out on Mt. Zion. There is a literal double gate at a cave on Mt. Zion which has been closed for 12 years. The fire burned in a straight line under the gate to a tree inside the gate and set the trunk of the tree on fire. The Fire Department had to open the double gates to put out the fire. It was decided to leave the gates open. This was a fulfillment in the natural for what God did in the spiritual


Israel Covenant Trip Report/Final:  Wed., June 2 at 9:56pm

Well the team is all home safe & sound thanks to all your prayers. We arrived into San Fransisco late Monday night(24th May) week today etc.  Our connections with flights went smoothly on trip home. We all suffered a little with jet lag but are all fine to date.
What can we say about this trip? It was ALL GOD.  We made the connections we had set in place before leaving for Israel plus the Lord made many more while there too.
We encouraged a sister who is looking with Pastor Avi to have a house of prayer in Jaffa area. We also visited the Sivers in Carmel & encouraged them in there ministry & met there son Stevon & wife Karen (she is a great worship leader)
Last part of trip spent in Jerusalem mostly but we visited Jericho with Bro Steve Scott from Texas who has a 3 story home for a prayer room in foundation stage. We have offered to help Steve get this project more established etc.
While there the Lord gave me a vision to bring 12 youth to Israel to visit the land & prayer rooms. Steve welcomed the thought also Bro Tom Hess did same recommendation so already things set in place.
We met a dear bro from Canada & we know is a divine connection for the near future.
We stayed in Jerusalem in the New Palm Hotel(Arab hotel) just outside the Damascus gate so very close to visit old city & garden tomb.
Alex the owner is a Arab friend & we were treated so well there with him & his staff to the point he said to us we were his best quests to date & welcome any time. We just loved on them all & laughed with them & had such joy at all times.
We prayed with a dear Arab bro in the Lord who came to us to speak & what a joy he was. Yes !! right in front of Hotel with people all around us no problem OK)
I mention this only as all across the land we had such favor with our Arab friends & it was if we had all met before.(All God)
Well this ministry Jerry, myself, Carolyn & others to add (Israel Covenant International) has certainly begun with great joy & a delight to be involved with.
We thank you all for your prayers & continued support in the future. Please encourage your friends to get involved supporting Israel & go visit yourselves , you will never be the same we assure you.    Bro Mike Fletcher, Bro Jerry Bowers, sister Carolyn Barnes.(Israel Covenant International)  

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