APRIL 2010


I saw in a vision of the enemy armies attacking Israel. Rockets were being fired at will. Enemy soldiers were entering Israel unopposed. There were not enough watchmen on the walls of the nation to stop the enemy attacks. The more successful the enemy attacks were, the bolder they became. As in Nehemiah's day the state of Israel needs to be defended from terrorists. The watchmen are seperated from one another by great distances. I could see pockets of watchmen on the perimeter of the nation, but they were not connected to one another. I heard a trumpet sound and the nations began to come to the walls surrounding Israel. A voice sounded saying, " All of Israel is holy unto Me. I swore unto my servant Abraham this land would belong to Him and to His descendants which are the descendants of Jacob.

" I saw bridges begin to appear from other nations. The bridges connected these nations to Israel. They allowed for unobstructed travel and frequent travel to Israel. Watchmen from these nations joined the Israeli watchmen on the wall surrounded in prayer. Suddenly, holy angels appeared with their swords drawn. The enemy fell back and the glory of the Lord filled the nations.

I heard another trumpet sound and a voice say, " Hear O Israel! The Lord your God is one Lord! Write His name on the doorposts of your hearts and at every gateway into this nation! The Lord is mighty in battle. He will defend you!" . . . . . .REV JERRY BOWERS Canopy of Prayer, Int. Global Bridges

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