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Prayer Alerts for Tabernacle of David Wall of Prayer

January 12th, 2013

Dear Prayer Wall Warrior

We are planning a trip to Israel to visit and pray over the Covenant Altars Abraham dedicated to the Lord. At present these sites are being claimed by Palestinians as the land for their new state. This includes dividing east Jerusalem for their capital.

The Lord has spoken to us to go to these sites. We are going to take a Prayer Shawl which is a symbol of God’s wings to these sites to pray over them and affirm God’s covenant with Israel. We are asking for those who would like to join in praying with us to mail us a 2 x 2 prayer cloth. We will attach it to the prayer shawl so your prayers go with us to these sites. When we are done visiting them, we will take this tallit and leave it on Mt. Zion so the prayers of the nations are extending from Mt. Zion out over the covenant sites from the nations. The trip will be in mid March.

In prayer the Holy Spirit asked me a question, “What is the best way to pray for the foundations of Israel?” He then answered the question, “Pray for the covenant altar sites.” God’s covenants with Israel are its foundation. Certainly we can pray from a distance, but Nehemiah new he had to go see the broken down walls and address the situation. Like Joshua, he was being led to place his feet on the land to see restoration.

If you are led to participate please mail a prayer cloth 2 x 2 inches that you have prayed over to:
Jerry Bowers
9140 S. 437 St.
Locust Grove, Oklahoma 74352

I wish to thank each of you for praying on the Wall of Prayer this past year for Israel. The Lord, himself, will multiply blessings back to you for your faithfulness. Please also pray for needed finances for our travels and our safety for the trip.

Shalom Blessings for the New Year,

Jerry & Margie Bowers

December 31st, 2012


“Contending for the High Ground Covenant Altars
& Peace for Jerusaelm”

the Article below we are now learning more about how the Arab Palestinians are
planning to attack Israel and their strategy of claiming and occupying the
spiritual high ground to remove Israel.


New Terrro Group Announces Beginning of Third
Intifada    YNet News  Dec 17th
“Arabs in the West Bank city of Hebron have declared the establishment of the ‘National
Union Battalions,’ which will be jointly headed by members of Hamas, Fatah,
Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine as a means
of consolidating the struggle against Israel. In its announcement, the group
stressed that while it supports the UN’s recognition of Palestine as a
non-member Observer State, it will fight to recover ‘all of Palestine – from
the sea to the river.” In the video message, taped Friday, the group’s
members say “This is the beginning of a third Palestinian intifada, which
is erupting from the heart of Hebron and will spread to all of Palestine.’ In
the clip, the group’s representatives directly threaten Israel, saying among
other things, members will kidnap soldiers and kill Israelis if their demands
are not met.”  


no mistake! They only have a “One State” solution in mind and it is a
“Palestinian Only State.”  In the article
they are calling on all the factions in what they call the “occupied territory”
to join in fighting Israel using the covenant Altar sights or “spiritual high
ground.” They plan to launch a “new intifada” attack to destroy Israel and take
all the land. Hebron will be the launching site of this attack.  Why is Hebron being used by these terror
groups?  It is the burial place of the
Patriarchs such as Abraham, Isaac and Joshua that God made the covenant
promises to in the land. It is one of the four covenant altar sights were
Abraham erected altars to God in receiving the promises of the land.


is the enemy’s strategy. “If you can nullify the covenants God made to the
Israelites by getting them to give up the very promised land for their
inheritance, then you negate the covenant God made with Israel> In this way,
you can take the land from them! 


seems that here and around the world the spiritual importance of contending for
the covenants God made with Israel by contending for these “Covenant Altar
sights” just doesn’t compute. In military terms it sounds like this, “He
who holds the high ground – wins the war.”
  Fighting soldiers who come under enemy fire
from those positioned on the high ground understand this. While Christians
don’t get it, you can bet the Palestinians get it and so does the devil. This
is why the proposed land for the Palestinian State consists of all of the
Covenant Altar Sites where Abraham made covenant with God: Beth El, Shechem,
Hebron, and Mt. Moriah (temple mount). 
Mt. Moriah would be considered East Jerusalem.


as believers need to be blessing all the Covenant Lands of Israel by traveling
to them when possible and blessing them who have ministries in them. This would
include the Negev desert area that includes Hebron and the West Bank


Priorities in Israel for 2012:

for God’s people to claim the spiritual high places in Israel.

peace for Jerusalem.

their enemies plans will be exposed and defeated.

for protection for the Israeli soldiers and citizens.

for more watchmen to be on the wall of prayer for Israel.

the nations will have God’s heart for Israel.

for Israeli leaders to have wisdom and direction from God.

our Governments will stand with Israel.

for the Christ’s Burning Torch of Salvation to go forth out of Zion. Isa 62:

10.  Pray all Kings and Gentiles will
see the Glory that goes forth with the Burning Torch.

11.  Pray for Laborers for the Harvest
in Israel & the Nations.

12.  Pray the prayer of Paul in Eph 1:
16-19 for the eyes of God’s people to be enlightened to know the hope of their
calling as revealed by the Revelation of the One New Man in Eph 2: 11, 14-15.

and Gentile together, hand in hand, having special access to the Father. Eph 2:

Footnote: At the
United Nations vote in Nov 2012, the U.N. recognized a Palestinian State with
part of Jerusalem as its capital. Only 9 nations voted against this. Of them
only one nation in Europe stood with Israel. The Western mind set doesn’t
understand the mind set of Islam. They believe that you never give land you
once claimed to an infidel. This is why they won’t recognize a Jewish State.
They will never agree to the “two state” solution, but they will take the land
if offered so they can use it as they have Gaza to attack Israel. There is a
need for a “strategic prayer strategy” to stand with Israel. Most do not
realize that at each of the covenant altar sights, where God made covenant with
Abraham, there are blessings to be released to the Body of Christ (Yahshua).
Spiritual battles are fought with spiritual weapons contending in the
heavenlies by worshiping over these areas of Israel and claiming the promises
God gave in them! This is how the prophet Isaiah put it, “I have set watchmen on your
walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who
make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, and give Him no rest till He established
and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”
  (Isa 62: 6, 7) This principle in praying for
Jerusalem is applicable for these other sites.


example of contending for one of the Covenant Altars:
Beth El. (Rammallah)


This is the birth
place of Israel. It is where Jacob’s name was changed to “Israel.” It is where
he had the vision of the angels ascending and descending on a ladder to heaven.
Beth El means “The House of God.” Jacob made this declaration, “This is none
other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.” (Gen 28:17) Today,
the Palestinians have their headquarters located at this site. They are trying
to rebuild the altar of Baal in this place. They even have Baal on their
postage stamp.


Blessings of the Altar of Beth El

for those who will claim them:


Dreams given to God’ people

Gateway of Revelation to God’s people




December 18th, 2012

Prayer for Israel as
we close the year

Throughout 2012 Pray for Nations with your help has prayed for every
nation on earth to Enthrone Christ for the soon coming Harvest. We close out
the year praying for Israel and Peace for Jerusalem.

The Lord spoke through the Prophet Zechariah concerning the events of
our day,

“Behold, I will make Jerusalem a
cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding nations, when they lay siege against
Jerusalem. I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who
heave it away will surely be cut to pieces, through all nations of the earth
are gathered against it.”
  Zech 12:


It is the intent of the Arab nations backing the Palestinians to take
Jerusalem from the Jews and all of the State of Israel which they refuse to
recognize. Here is the good news for believers. God will not allow this and
will judge those who try to do this.


This coming year is about “Alignment.” 
If we are aligned to stand with Israel we shall be blessed. The prophet
Isaiah reveals a day is coming when the glory of God will be seen coming out of
Jerusalem and Zion and that all kings shall see the glory! Jerusalem shall be
seen as a royal crown in the hand of our God and so will those who are standing
in covenant with Israel. (Isa 62: 1-2) 
In this coming season the alignment with Israel will determine the fate
of nations, tribes and peoples. The Muslim Brotherhood that empowers Hamas in
Gaza and Egypt and are in line to take over Syria are putting in place a plan
to have power over the whole region and to destroy Israel. This plot will be
revealed as Hamas now sensing its power and influence continues to attack
Israel. Here is what was reported last weekend on these plans:

Israel Today Report

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week pointed to the
overtly hostile rhetoric of Hamas coupled with Palestinian leader Mahmoud
Abbas’ efforts to reconcile with the terror group as the primary reason that
true, lasting peace is currently unachievable.

Over the weekend, Hamas marked its 25th
anniversary with a gala event in Gaza City. In attendance was overall Hamas
leader Khaled Mashaal, who usually resides in Damascus. Speaking before
hundreds of thousands of Gazans, Mashaal declared:

“Palestine is our land and nation from
the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river, from the north to the south, and
we will not cede even one inch of it.”

The Hamas leader recently gave an interview
to CNN in which Mashaal stated that he was ready to accept a Palestinian state
in the pre-1967 borders. His words in Gaza this past weekend are further
evidence that it is impossible to trust what Palestinian leaders say in
English, and it is their pronouncements in Arabic that must be given greatest

Mashaal went on to insist that political,
diplomatic and legal efforts to achieve control of the land must be coupled
with violence. He explained that all non-violent methods are “senseless in
the absence of resistance,” which is how the Palestinians define their
acts of terrorism against Israelis.

Prayer Agreement: Continue
to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem
to occupy their place and cry out day and night over the promises of God for
Israel until God makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth. Isa 62: 6,7

As you stand with
Israel this year, you are a royal crown in the hand of our God! 






November 23rd, 2012

“Palestinians Set to Win
Observer Status at U.N.”

On  Nov 29th
a vote will be taken at the U.N. in New York

Despite the recent
violence between Hamas and Israel, Palestinian President Abbas said he will
push ahead with plans for a vote at the U.N. General Assembly before the end of
the month on November 29th to give the Palestinians the rank of an
“observer state” within the world body of the U.N. rather than the
present “observer entity”. The upgrade would mean the new Palestinian
state would have a recognized territory which includes Jerusalem as its capital
and the West Bank as its land. This includes all of the covenant altars where
God made covenants with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joshua. The very birth place
of Israel which is Beth El where God changed Jacob’s name to Israel will be
their headquarters.

declares, “We are going to the United Nations to vote on the resolution of
our becoming an observer state on the 29th of this month (Nov). Nothing will
deter us,” Abbas stated. (This means Jerusalem will be recognized as their
Capital “a divided capital.) Both Israel and the United States have condemned
the planned vote, which Abbas looks set to win, saying it violated the 1993
Oslo accords, which were intended to pave the way to a “final status
agreement” within five years.

The last
time the U.N. considered this request from Abbas Hurricane Sandy hit New
York.  This upgrade in status to be voted
in New York at the U.N. recognizes a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its
capital, and the four covenant altar sites where God made covenant with Abraham
as its territory (Beth El, Mt. Moriah, Shechem, and Hebron). If this is done
there will be a judgment hit from God that will make Hurricane Sandy that hit
New York the last time this came up look like a summer breeze. As a nation we
just don’t get it! When we allow or participate in any form with a process that
divides the covenant land of Israel we reap a judgment. It was assured in Gen.
12:3 when God stated, “Those who bless you I will bless, and those
who curse you I will curse.”
Prophet Joel makes it clear that final judgment on earth for the nations has to
do with God declaring, “You have divided the land (Israel) and scattered my
people.” Joel 3:1

The Prophet Zechariah predicts that
in the last days the nations around Israel will contend to lay siege against
Jerusalem and Israel to take the land. The result is that to them Jerusalem
will be as a stone around their neck and a curse. The Lord says of these
nations, “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of intoxication unto all the
people round about, when they shall be in the siege against Judah and against
Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all the
people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all
the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” Zech. 12: 2-3


“Father God,
as the body of Christ in America, we declare this vote to divide Jerusalem to
belong to the Palestinians to be canceled in Jesus’ name. We disapprove this vote.
We recognize Jerusalem as the undivided Capital of Israel. We decree the plans
and plots of the enemy to usurp your covenant promises to the Jewish people
will be exposed and defeated. We declare America will stand in covenant
alignment with God’s promises to Israel. We stand with the covenant land of
Israel to declare this land will not be divided on our watch. We believe that
we can cast our vote in heaven ahead of what the enemy is planning at the
U.N.  We declare in Jesus name, “This planned
vote to make Jerusalem the capital of the Palestinians is cancelled and will
not be affirmed.”



November 21st, 2012

Shalom from Zion


Report from John and Una from Jerusalem

“He shall set me high upon a rock, and now my head shall be lifted above my enemies all around me. Therefore I will offer sacrifices of joy in His tabernacle; I will sing, yes I will sing praises to the Lord “Ps 27

“Let God arise. Let His enemies be scattered!…so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. But let the righteous be glad..” Ps 68

  The “situation” in the land as a whole is quite serious, and unfolding hour by hour. As of this moment, rockets are still raining down on the southern communities of Israel, and some 1.200 air strikes have been launched into gaza by the Israeli Air Force. Israel has put 75,000 reserves on “alert”, in case they feel a ground invasion of Gaza is necessary. However, there is “talk” of a cease-fire, brokered in Egypt, to take effect at midnight tonight. Time will tell; meanwhile….

PLEASE PRAY:  Thy will be done, O Lord!!

November 18th, 2012




“God’s Intervention
in Israel’s War”


God made a covenant
regarding His 13 Attributes in Exodus 34: 6-7, 10. The Jews believe that in
this covenant, whenever the
 Israelites would recite these Thirteen Attributes of Mercy
in a time of trouble, God would come to their aid. We need God to come to the
aid of the people and land of Israel for the fire and rain. (See also Deut. 30
and Isa 4)


Prayer Points Strategy: There are 13 Cries for Mercy below to
declare morning and night for Israel’s protection and for the Mercy of God to
intervene in the War and Conflict threatening Israel and your own nation.
It’s all about “alignment.” When we are aligned with God’s covenant promises
which include blessing Israel, we will be also blessed and restored. 


Sun: AM-Mercy #1 Adonia: God remembering His Love
to us.

Decree & Declare: The shutting of doors to the things of the past that would
hinder us from knowing the fullness if God’s love. Repent for the Churches lack
of prayer for Israel and anti-Semitism.

Release the truth and revelation of the One New Man promise in Eph 2: 12-16
that God has brought peace between Jew and Gentile by grafting us into the
commonwealth of Israel and His covenant promises to Israel.


Sun: PM- Mercy #2: Adonai (YHVH) He saves us from the suffering we
deserve when we repent from our sins. We return to and acknowledge His love for
 Israel .

Decree & Declare: The promises God has made in the past for
you and your region/nation will come forth remembering that we have a new
inheritance through Christ to Abraham’s seed 
 (Gal. 3:29; 2 Pet 1:4) because we are grafted
into the root (Abraham) & his seed, Israel . (Romans 11: 1, 16-18)

Proclamation: Release the faith to receive the promises of
God as a part of Abraham’s seed
through faith for your nation and for Israel


Mon: AM- Mercy #3 God (EL) God’s Omnipotence. (All Powerful to defend and perform miracles)

Decree & Declare: A Crossing over into inheritance for your
nation and
 Israel standing together as “One New Man” with Jew and

Proclamation: Remember and praise God for what He has done in the past to set you
free and ask Him to release His power for deliverance in your life, nation and
Israel . We are told that whatever we do to Israel will be done to us! Obadiah
vs-15. We declare with Israel we are crossing over into covenant alignment with
God to bless Israel. (Gen 12:3)  Claim
Isaiah 62:6, 7 that God will make
 Jerusalem a praise in the earth. Restoration in Israel
means revival to the Gentile grafted in branches.


Mon: PM- Mercy #4 Merciful (rachum) His protection from destruction. (Deut.

Decree & Declare: The blood of Christ over your home, nation and Israel and it will set
a boundary against the enemy. Pray protection over the boundaries of
 Israel for divine intervention.

Proclamation: Proclaim a breakthrough for your
& Israel to receive inheritance.


 Tues: AM- Mercy #5  Kind (chanun) – Denotes free gift
(grace), the
 goodness of God

Decree &Declare: The opening of blind eyes to the truth of God’s love, mercy and revelation of His love
for Israel

Proclamation: Proclaim a release of new revelation from
the goodness of God that will bring a shift in
 your nation and in the Middle East to align with God’s purposes.


Tues: PM- Mercy #6 His Mercy is slow to Anger (erech apayim) – He is patient
for repentance to come forth.

Decree & Declare: Declare the Mercy Seat Covering of Christ
will be released over
 Your nation and Israel resulting in manifestations of His presence. (I John 2:2) “Propitiation” = Mercy Seat Covering

Proclamation: Proclaim a holy alignment with the new order
of God which includes a unified stance in your nation to bless the Nation of
Israel. The branches have to be grafted in together to be partakers of the same


 Wed: AM- Mercy #7 Tremendous Love (rav chesed) – He tilts
the balance of judgment by adding His
 Love and mercy on the scales of justice.

Decree & Declare: The shutting of the door of the past and the
opening of a new beginning establishing justice in
and in Israel . (Romans 5: 18)

Proclamation: God’s Mercy will cover our sins and
transgressions and bring us to the place of a new identity as a part of the
“One New Man” and partakers of the promised New Covenant made with the House of
Israel.  (Eph. 2:12; Hebrews 8: 10-12)


 Wed: PM- Mercy #8 Tremendous Truth (ve-emet) – He makes
His Word come true. He is faithful.

Decree & Declare: Your nation will be in covenant alignment
with God’s purposes for your country and with
 Israel the first born nation to bless and pray for
the peace of
 Jerusalem . (Ps 122: 6)

Proclamation: The Spirit of the Lord will release to us
present truth to guide and direct us into the future as we align with His
priorities in the earth.


 Thurs: AM- Mercy #9 Commands His Blessings (notzer chesed
la-alafim) – His blessings are reserved for our descendants. (Exodus 20:5)

Decree & Declare: The Lord will expose any strategies the
enemy has to attack family, synagogues, churches and that He will align
governments because of His faithfulness to bless those who bless
 Israel . (Gen 12:3)

Proclamation: The Watchmen in this nation will arise and
watch over the
 Word of the Lord for Israel. (Isa 62:5)


 Thurs: PM- Mercy #10 Forgiving Deliberate Sin (noseh avon)
– He forgives deliberate sin when we repent. His mercy brings about repentance
and restoration.

Decree & Declare: God to release His wings of healing in our
state and in
 Israel as the Son of Righteousness arises with Healing in His wings.
(Malachi 4:2)

Proclamation: Faith that God will fulfill his promise in
Joel Chapter Two: “to be zealous for His land (Israel) and pity his people to remove the
reproach of the nations and drive away and “remove far from you the northern
army. And will drive him away into a barren and desolate land, with his face
toward the eastern sea.. fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice, for the Lord
has done marvelous things!”


 Friday: AM- Mercy #11 Rebellion (va-phesha) = A sin done to
spite God. He forgives rebellion when we turn to Him.

Decree & Declare: A turning away from the god of mammon and
greed resulting in a transfer of wealth in your nation and in Israel for God’s
people to honor Him and exalt His name.

Proclamation: The people of God will feed the poor, care for
those in prison and the orphan and widow.


 Friday: PM - Mercy #12 Forgiving the Sin of error (ve-chata’ah) – A sin done
inadvertently or by omission.

Decree & Declare: We will shift our nations now into a new order that will allow
us to turn from the
 sins of omission and bless the poor, needy orphans and widows in our nation. Ask
His forgiveness for neglecting His first born
 Israel in our building of the body of
and for strategies of
can invest in Israel . (Matthew 25: 32-40)

Proclamation: A new alignment with Israel to bless and pray for a release of great salvation
and deliverance for the people of
 Israel .


Sat: AM/PM- Mercy# 13 He cleanses (ve-baketh) – God cleanses those who repent
of sins done in hidden places.  (Ps 19:13)

Decree & Declare: A release of the presence of
over His people
creating a Sabbath Rest from sin resulting in the increasing of the
 presence of the
for your
and Israel .

Proclamation: Proclaim the Fear of the Lord will bring the people of God into a new
holiness and reverence for God in our midst both in Israel and your nation.
Declare this passage with Isaiah for both those in Jerusalem and your nation as
you pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

shall come to pass that he who is left in Zion and remains in Jerusalem will be
called holy. When the Lord has washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion
(includes Gentiles), and purged the blood of Jerusalem from her midst, by the
spirit of judgment and by the spirit of burning. The Lord will create above
every dwelling place of Mount Zion, and above her assemblies, a cloud and smoke
by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night.  For the glory of the Lord will be her
covering (extends to Gentiles who stand with Israel).”
Isa 4: 3-5



November 16th, 2012

Missiles Fired at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

At least one missile hit Tel Aviv on Friday afternoon. The
missile landed in an open area and did not cause any injuries, but the impact
and explosion could be heard and felt across the Greater Tel Aviv area.

On Thursday, Tel Aviv was hit by two missiles from Gaza. It
was the first time Israel’s coastal metropolis had sustained a direct missile
attack since the first Gulf War over 20 years ago, and marks a major escalation
in the current conflict.

Earlier on Friday, dozens of missiles fired by Gaza-based
terrorists hit cities across southern Israel. At least three people were
wounded, and widespreaddamage was

All this happened as Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil
was paying a solidarity visit to Hamas in Gaza. Kandil provided both cover and
legitimacy to the Hamas regime, and blamed Israel alone for
the ongoing violence.

Kandil claimed to be in Gaza for the sake of restoring calm,
but his boss, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi revealed that the real reason
behind the visit was to threaten Israel.

Following morning prayers in Cairo, Morsi was quoted by
Egyptian newspaper
A-Sharq as saying that “Gaza won’t be alone this
time” and cautioning that Israel will “pay a heavy price if it
continues to attack in Gaza.”

Israel did continues to strike Hamas installations in Gaza
throughout the day. But the missile strikes on Tel Aviv marked a serious
escalation for which many in Israel demanded a more serious response.

On Friday morning, Israel’s military leadership began the
call-up of a first wave of 16,000 reserve soldiers. At the same time, media
outlets reported that Israeli armor was massing on the Gaza border.

Pray for Angelic protection and intervention for Israel and
for peace! Pray the plots of the enemies of Israel will be exposed and


November 14th, 2012


War is stirring in the air in the Middle East. Syria has fired mortars into the Golan Heights. Hezbollah continues to fire rockets at Israeli towns while Iran speeds towards a nuclear weapon to destroy Israel. Egyptian tanks are positioned in the Sinai in the south. Palestinian leaders are claiming Jerusalem as their capital of their new state. What will be Israel’s greatest defense to these threats? What armies will arise to stand with Israel? What will be her defense?

The Real Battle for Israel. The real issue behind the battle defines why and how the battle is fought for Israel. The real issue has to do with contending for the land of Israel and the covenant promises made by God. The real issue is how do we stand in alignment to God’s covenant promises to Abraham and the House of David. God will defend his covenant promises to Israel. Those who seek to have Israel violate covenant with God will always incur judgment. Those who defend Israel and her faithfulness to covenant will be blessed. (Gen 12:3)

The One New Man Revelation. The One New Man revelation in the earth is awakening a great army to stand with Israel. God is removing the wall between Jew and Gentile (Christian) so the two will be one in Christ. (Eph 2:14-16) The result is the restoration of the foundation of the Church with the apostolic and prophetic foundations restored creating a “holy temple” (literally tabernacle of meeting) for the habitation of God’s glory. (see Eph 2: 20-22) The apostolic government which is needed in America or in other nations will not come into its fullness until it includes the “One New Man” of Jew and Gentile in its foundation. There is coming to America an Antioch expression of the Church which establishes the Apostle and Prophet for the body of Christ aligned with the revelation of the One New Man. This will bring the restoration of the Tabernacle of David for the last days prophesied in Acts 15: 15-17.

One New Man Army Arising! We see foreshadowed in King David’s rise to become king a realignment to God’s Covenant Promises. God raised an army of “Mighty Men” who gathered to David in Hebron. It was an Army of Jews and Gentiles that came together to restore Israel to covenant promise which meant realigning Israel from King Saul to King David. The kingdom had to be realigned! This is where we are today. There is a Saul spirit operating through the U.N. and many of its nations to give part of Jerusalem and all of the covenant altars sites to a Palestinian State. This month another attempt will be made to have the U.N. Nations recognize Palestine as a non-member state with Jerusalem as its capital. Hurricane Sandy’s direct hit on New York’s financial district which included the United Nation’s building was the result of the last attempt to get the U.N. to vote on this. We need to pray this vote is not attempted in New York this month or there will be more judgment to hit the east coast. Should this motion be passed essentially dividing Jerusalem there will be judgment on America such has never been seen.
A Prophetic Picture of the One New Man Army. In King David’s day there is a picture of Jew and Gentile coming together to realign the kingdom of Israel from Saul to David. This army is seen in I Chron. 12. Mighty men of valor began to rise up to stand with David and join him in Hebron to realign the kingdom. Warriors came from the Tribes of Israel but also from the Gentile Gibeonites, who were descendants of the Amorites who were the arch enemies of Israel. ( I Chron. 12:4) There were also Seven Captains with 1,000 men each from the Philistine Army. (I Chron. 12: 20) They came as Jew and Gentile to stand with David to realign Israel to covenant promise. Why did they gather to such an insignificant place as “Hebron?” It is the burial place of Abraham, Isaac, Joshua and the Patriarchs. It is here they will stand on the foundation promises God made to Israel so there can be realignment. Scripture says these men of war knew how to “keep rank” and came with a “perfect heart.” The term “keep rank” is a military term meaning they had the discipline to march in unity and move as one under their leaders. The “perfect heart” means they were completely loyal and surrendered to God’s purpose for Israel. For three days they gathered with David to make him King to realign Israel. The result is the Ark of the Covenant was brought back to Jerusalem in I Chron. Chapters 13-15. The One New Man Army of Jew and Gentile came together to declare agreement and alignment with God’s promise to Israel.

Restoration of the Tabernacle of David. The result of the One New Man Army realigning Israel to covenant with God was the Ark of the Covenant coming to the Tabernacle of David in Jerusalem that David built. The prophet Amos and the book of Acts tell us this will happen again in the last days so all mankind will seek the Lord. (Amos 9: 11-12; Acts 15: 15-17) The result will be a last day harvest of souls so the reaper overtakes the sower of the seed, and the cities of Israel are restored and replanted. (Amos 9: 13, 14)

Aligning to Covenant Promises in Israel. There are 4-Key Covenant Altar Cities in Israel where Jew and Gentile need to agree to stand for the realignment of Israel to covenant with God. They have been taken over by the enemies of Israel. Each represents a blessing and the promise of God for Israel and the nations. They need to be reclaimed in prayer. They are:
-Beth El: Gateway of restored revelation and dreams
-Shechem: Outpouring of God’s Spirit
-Hebron: Restoration of the Father’s heart and intimacy
-Mt. Moriah: Salvation, deliverance, provision

The Tabernacle of David Restored. God is calling forth a “One New Man Army” in our day to spiritually gather at Hebron with the promises made to Abraham and the House of David. This army exalts Christ as Messiah who is the seed of David and the covenant promises made to Israel to prepare for the final harvest and the revelation of God’s glory. This army is the “Tabernacle of David” restored in the earth! The stones used to build this tabernacle are living stones. It is made up of “The One New Man.”

September 19th, 2012



is a NEED for Christians to stand with Israel in contending for Covenant land
and Altars made with God in the heartland of Israel. These covenant altars were
made in Shechem (Nablus), Beth El (Ramallah), Hebron (Kiryat Arba) and Mt.
Moriah (Jerusalem). Note: Current names given to these biblical cities in
parenthesis. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) has laid claim to
all of these sights as the basis for their state. The strategy appears to be,
to take away all of the land where covenant claims are made by the Jewish
people and to eliminate the Jewish state which it refuses to recognize. These
cities are now referred to as existing in the West Bank or what they call
“Occupied Territory.” 


the PLO will be asking the United Nations beginning September 25 to Oct 2nd
to recognize their New Palestinian State as including all these Covenant Sites
including Mt. Moriah and East Jerusalem. A
ll 193 member states
of the United Nations will gather in New York to be faced with a unilateral declaration
of a Palestinian state. In the next few months your nation will have to decide
if it will accept the creation of a new Islamic state in the Middle East with
the Old City of Jerusalem (East Jerusalem) as its capital. 

president is that this will bring massive judgment. (Joel 3:2) In fact, the
final judgment on the nations will focus on the nations having divided the land
of Israel and having scattered the Jews.
This season in Israel
coincides with the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah (September
16th) and Yom Kippur (September 26th). Rosh Hashanah marks a day of judgment.
The Israeli Prime Minister will deliver his most important speech ever in the
UN the day after Rosh Hashanah ! There is currently a call for fasting and
prayer prior to the vote by the UN on recognizing the Palestinian State that
Jerusalem not be divided to the their capital.

is time to contend for the Covenant Land of Israel and the Altars erected to
God in them. Below is the covenant altar of Mt. Moriah or Jerusalem and its



(Mt. Moriah) The Fourth Covenant Altar

It was to Mt. Moriah in
Jerusalem that God told Abraham to take his son Isaac and offer him on an altar
as a sacrifice. Abraham obeyed and put his beloved son on the altar prepared to
sacrifice him. At the last moment God provided a ram to be the sacrifice and
his son’s life was spared. (Gen 22:2-14) Abraham called Mt. Moriah the place
the ‘The Lord will provide.” This was a picture of Father God sending his own Son
Jesus to be our sacrifice to die in our place so we could partake of new life
through him.

King David also established an
altar on this mountain that turned back judgment in the land. It is here that
later the Jewish Temple would be established and the presence of God would
rest. (2 Sam 24: 16-23; 2 Chron 22:1; 3:1) It is time to return here in prayer
and turn back judgment.

We are promised in the last
days God will raise up the ruins of the Tabernacle of David that was in
Jerusalem that all mankind might come to a knowledge of salvation.  (Acts 15:16, 17) Today, Palestinians are
laying claim to the temple mount and to Mt. Moriah which is located in East
Jerusalem, as they have done with the other covenant altars where God promised
the land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as in: Shechem, Beth El, Hebron, and

The United  Nations members do not realize that when they
recognize the Palestinian state as it is being represented they are dividing
God’s covenant land and promises.

God has made it clear from
Genesis 12:3 that those who bless Abraham and the promises made to him will be
blessed, and those who curse him will be cursed. These nations do not realize
that the final judgment prophesied in the bible at Armageddon is about dividing
the covenant land. Joel speaks of this, “For, behold, in those days, and in
that time.. I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the
valley of Jehoshaphat, and will judge them there for my people and for my
heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and divided their
land.” (Joel 3: 1,2)

Blessing of Mt. Moriah

Salvation and deliverance to
the people who receive his sacrifice.

Peace with God restored for
those who stand and bless this altar.

The promises made to Abraham become
ours at this altar.

Aligning with the Inheritance of
Israel as “One New Man”


 Those who believe in what was promised to
Abraham and on these

Covenant Treaty sites are
grafted in as “Children of Israel.” (Gal. 3:7) We become part of the
“commonwealth” with Israel. We are grafted into the root Israel. (Rom 11: 17,


The Blessings given to Abraham
come to those (nations) and peoples who receive the lamb sacrifice God provided
through his Son Jesus. (Gal 3:14; 29)


One New Man Blessing. The non
Jews (Gentiles) and Indians become what the Bible calls “One New Man” as we are
grafted into Israel and the promises made to Abraham. Together we become a part
of God’s Covenant Treaties made for all mankind so we receive of the blessings
God gave for man. Ephesians 2: 14, 16, 18


Praying for the Peace of

God’s people who
stand with Israel are told to pray for the “Peace of Jerusalem.” Ps 122:6 “Pray
for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Peace by within
thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. Because of the House of the Lord
our God I will seek thy good.”

The promise of
God is that he will one day return and again set up his throne in Jerusalem. We
are to speak peace to Jerusalem for it to be restored for the dwelling place on
God on earth.

Blessing of Praying for Jerusalem

We are to be “married” to the
Land as we stand in Covenant with Israel. Isa 62: 5

We are to be “watchmen
warriors” standing on the walls of Jerusalem to watch over it in prayers.  Isa 62: 6

We will become with Israel a
“crown of glory in the hand of God” for standing with Israel. Isa 62: 3

We will see with all the Kings
of the earth a burning torch of God’s salvation going forth out of Jerusalem
into the whole earth. Isa 62: 1


The Lord showed me an Angel
standing over Jerusalem with his sword drawn as he did when David came to the
threshing floor of Oranan to turn back judgment. The Angel commanded the
prophet to tell David to build an Altar to the Lord on this threshing floor.
Later this would become the site of the Temple. King David paid full price to
obtain this threshing floor to erect an altar to the Lord to make a sacrifice.
The angel stressed forth his sword to destroy Jerusalem but God told him to
pull back.

I see this angel with sword
drawn standing over Jerusalem. He is appointed to destroy the nations who seek
to take or divide the holy city given to David. The Prophet Zechariah foretold
this day we are now living in when the nations of the earth will gathering
against Jerusalem to take the city, “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of
drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples. And I will make Jerusalem a heavy
stone for all peoples who would take it away and they will be cut to
pieces.”  Zech 12: 2,3

It is time to stand on the
threshing floor of Mt. Moriah with Jerusalem and seek the Lord as did David to
turn back the nations and judgment for it will come if the nations seek to
divide the holy city and make it a part of the Palestinian State.






September 17th, 2012
A Messianic Ministry Based on Mt Carmel

Special & Very Important Prayer Request

A Call to Fast and Pray to Keep
Jerusalem United


Keep Jerusalem United   
Please pray for the nations as they are
entering “the Valley of Decision” at the UN from 25th September-1st
October.      We call upon all believers to fast
and pray for Israel from Rosh Hashanah (16th September) to Yom Kippur
(26th September)

Facts  …….
The United Nations will have its Annual Debate of the General Assembly
from September 25th – October 1st, when all 193 member states
will gather in New York to be faced with a unilateral declaration of a
Palestinian state. In the next few months your nation will have to decide
if it will accept the creation of a new Islamic state in the Middle East
with the Old City of Jerusalem (East Jerusalem) as its capital.

At the same time Israel is facing both the threat of a chemical weapons
attack from Syria and a nuclear Iran. At the UN General Assembly all
these threats will converge as the nations will be faced with the choice
to either stand up for Israel or join her enemies.

Biblical context.
The Bible speaks of a point in time when “all the nations” will gather
against Jerusalem and when the Lord will intervene and judge the nations.
(Joel 3:1-3) The judgment will come because they – the nations have
divided up His land (Israel) and dispersed His people (The Jews).
Furthermore, the New Testament (Matthew 25: 31-46) speaks of a coming
judgment of the nations, based on how they have treated “these least of
my brothers”. We are now entering a time when the world community is
trying to divide Jerusalem and disperse those Jews who are living in the
biblical heartland of Israel.

This period coincides with the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh
Hashanah (September 16th) and Yom Kippur (September 26th). Rosh Hashanah
marks a day of judgment whereas Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year
for the Jews. The Israeli Prime Minister will deliver his most important
speech ever in the UN the day after Rosh Hashanah !
The Choice.
The nations will have a vote in the UN. Will they choose to become “Goat”
or “Sheep” nations? Will they care for the Jewish people? Will they
gather against Jerusalem or align themselves with God’s plans and
purposes for world peace? We can read about this in Isaiah 2. This is a
vision of world peace, which is universally accepted. The scripture is
written on a monument right across from the UN in New York. This is the
time when “Nation will not take up sword against nation nor will they
train for war any more. “ This is the Peace of Jerusalem that we are
praying for and that we are asking the nations to prepare for. It can,
according to the text, only come about when the Lord God of Israel reigns
in Jerusalem.
We believe that “all nations” gathering against Israel could mean the
international community as a whole or even the “United Nations”, but we
do not believe that each and every nation will have to join. They have a
choice. This is why Matthew 25:31-46 clearly speaks of a separation of
Sheep and Goat nations. This is also why the place where the judgment
happens is a “Valley of Decision.” The nations will have to make a
decision. Where does your nation stand?
We are not implying that “the final judgment” is imminent. It may or may
not. What we are saying, is that it is a time for decisions, which
according to Scripture, will have direct consequences for the
The Call.
We are calling upon the worldwide body of Christ to pray for the peace of
Jerusalem at a time when there international community would like to
divide the city, but also for your own nation as your leaders may soon be
entering “the Valley of Decision”, in other words a decisive vote about
the future of Jerusalem in the United Nations. Last year the Lord
answered our prayer and gave the nations more time to make up their

This is both a call to prayer and a call to action. Please help circulate
our material on the rights of the Jewish people to Jerusalem and the
consequences of dividing Jerusalem. We have produced a 15-minute film and
a book where leading international scholars explain the legal foundation
of Israel in great detail.

Please visit
for more information or watch the film here on this website.
- Please pray that there would be more time for the leaders of the
nations to hear about the biblical, legal and historical rights of the
Jewish people. Please pray for your own leaders – that they would clearly
say no to dividing Jerusalem.

- Please pray for divine protection over Israel from any attack of the
enemy, chemical, nuclear or through” diplomatic terrorism.”

For more information please visit

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