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The Holon Prayer
House in Israel operates to pray for Israel and to make known to the nations
God’s last day purposes for Israel which will hasten Messiah’s return. We seek
to impart how believers can support Israel which includes praying for the
return of the exiled tribes.

The Ten Lost Tribes Return to Israel is
God’s Prophecy Road Map.

a road map, the book of Ezekiel describes what is to take place in the last
days in Israel and the nations surrounding her IN Ezekiel chapters 36 to 39. In
Ezekiel Chapter 26, the promise of God is that all the Ten Lost Tribes will
return to Israel from the nations where they were scattered including the tribe
of Dan, “And, I will take you from among the nations, gather you out of all
countries, and bring you into your own land.”
(Ezekiel 36:24).  God promises the mountains of Israel will
yield fruit for them when they return, “I will multiply man upon you, all
the house of Israel, all of it, and the cities shall be inhabited.”

(Ezekiel 36:7-10). Did you catch God says here “All of it?”  He then invites the children of Israel from
all the tribes to inquire of Him to let them return, “Thus says the Lord
God: I will also let the house of Israel inquire of Me to do this for them.”

(Ezekiel 36:37). 

Courts of Heaven Intercession.

Holon is about 9 miles south
of Tel Aviv. It is in the area given as an inheritance to the tribe of Dan in
the Bible and it is called “Gush Dan” to this day. The name “Dan” in Hebrew
means “Judge.”  What does a judge do and
how is this anointing to be used in the restoration of inheritance to this
tribe in Holon?  A judge is appointed to
determine or pronounce after inquiry before the court to make pronouncements
for justice and truth. (Websters).  This
assignment to pray in the Courts of Heaven is to both represent the needs of
nations before God, and to declare what God is decreeing to man.

Prayer for Israel

Pray for the upcoming
elections in Israel. The current Prime Minister is running against his rival
Gantz who heads the Blue and White party. Pray for God’s will and for his hand
to be over the current prime minister Netanyahu. We need to pray about the
current peace initiative offered called the Deal of the Century. The truth is
that the Palestinians do not want peace. Offering them covenant land for peace
would be encouraging Israel to break covenant with God. At this point they are
not willing to read or consider the peace offer to create a Palestinian State.
The West Bank which represents the area that would create such a state contains
most of the sights where God made covenants with Abraham, Jacob and Isaac and
altars marking these covenants were made. Trading the land would be equivalent
to breaking these covenants. Prime Minister Netanyahu has said he will now
annex the land in the West Bank where Jewish communities have been started and
the Jordan Valley. Pray this will come to pass.

Prophecy from Israel

has been using Super Moons in the heavens as signs for the past three years.
This Hebrew year of 5780 (2020) He is sending three Super Moons from March to
May to get our attention. The first Super Moon is called “The Worm Moon.” It
comes out on the evening of March 9th. Purim comes on March 10 &
11 but begins on the evening of the 9th.

is a “Pink” moon or light red moon. We know that a “death decree” was issued
against God’s people is the days of Queen Esther. She called for fasting and
prayer which broke the death decree. God is calling for fasting and prayer
leading up to Purim this year to break the world-wide death decree of the
coronavirus. It is called a “Worm Moon.” This refers to the fact that earth
worms come out as the ground thaws and they prepare for planting of the next
harvest. It is also known for the Red Robins appearance. These are signs of
spring, renewal and new beginnings. A Super Moon occurs on Passover April 8th.
This points to the new life we have in Yeshua. The Super Moon occurs again on
Pesach Sheni which is the make up Passover thirty days after the first Passover.
These are all prophetic signs.


Israel Tribe for the Month is Naphtali.

corresponds to the month of Adar or March. This tribe gathered with the tribes
of Dan and Asher. They were noted for their strength and favor. Moses spoke
this, “O Naphtali, satisfied with favor, and full of the blessing of the
(Deut. 33:23) This month of new beginnings God wants to restore
favor, blessings and new beginnings as we bless and pray for the tribes of
Israel to return to their inheritance in Israel. God is calling the tribes home
to Israel. (Ezek. 37:21-22) As we pray for these tribes to have a Jubilee
return to their land and inheritance in Israel, we partake of the blessings
made to them. Those who bless Israel will be blessed. (Gen. 12:3)



month, we take notice of the holiday of Purim on March 9, 10.  This is the
celebration of Esther and her bravery that brought redemption to the Jews who
were placed under a death decree by the wicked plot of Haman. Queen Esther,
encouraged by her uncle Mordecai, called for a time of prayer and fasting and
then entered uninvited into the presence of the King. The evil plot of Haman
was exposed and the king intervened by giving a signet ring to Mordecai and
Esther. He told them to write a new decree to cancel the death decree and seal
it with his ring making in law in the land. He then rewarded Mordecai by
dressing him in a royal robe. This is a picture of us, God’s people.  The
Lord has given us all the authority of Heaven and earth, through His Son. 
In effect, He has given us His signet ring.  He has dressed us like
royalty and placed us here to rule and reign on His behalf.  We have all
the authority of Heaven.  We are the government here, the Ecclesia. 
It is our honor to “decree a thing and it shall be established.” Job

nation currently has a death decree.  It is against our unborn children.
It began with the verdict of Roe v Wade.  It has continued with others
taking so many lives.   So I will decree a thing.  Will you
agree with me?   Say the following out loud to the atmosphere, to the
beings around you, seen and unseen.  Let this decree go forth to all the


decree that our babies, both born and unborn, have a right to life, and to the
pursuit of that life and happiness.  And that no person, nor entity, nor
evil agent, shall cause harm to any conceived child, born or unborn, by
any means, and that child will be allowed life and to pursue their God given
destiny.  Any previously written decree, or future decree, whose purpose
is opposing this edict, is null and void. This decree is hereby written 
in this land,  and anywhere I put my feet is hereby, null and
void.  This decree shall stand.  In the name of Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus
the Messiah.  Amen, Amen and Amen.” (Edited by Dr. Jerry to fit page)



this time, we are sensing to be in Israel before May 14th 2020, This
is the anniversary of Israel as a nation. Please pray for our travel; vision
and finances to make this mission possible. We will need lodging and a house
that can host the House of Prayer, and where we can also stay in Holon.

Dr. Jerry & Margie Bowers

Jerusalem, Israel


you for your prayers and support. We cannot establish this work and stay in
Israel without your help! Send us a note to sign up for our monthly newsletter
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for Israel.
  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, the
formation of its government, safety from their enemies and for the return of
the exiled tribes! Pray God will set watchmen on the wall of Jerusalem to pray
for Israel.  Isaiah 62:6


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