Pray the Harvest in the 6-Contents During Feast of Tabernacles

Harvest Revival Prayer for the Six Continents

“Praying for the Harvest”

From:  Directors Jerry & Margie Bowers

We will be in Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles. We are bringing together representatives from the 6-Continents of the earth to pray for the Harvest to come in this year.  Please consider joining us with the schedule below that outlines which continents we will pray for daily during the seek of tabernacles which begins Sept. 28th.  

The Feast of Tabernacles is also called “The Feast of
Ingathering” and pictures a final harvest of the earth for the soon coming
king.  Scripture pictures this happening
following signs in the heavens that include the Four Blood Moons.  (Joel 2: 31, 32)  The last of these blood moons falls on the
first day of Tabernacles this year or Sept. 28th.  It is during this season the Lord promises an
outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh to prepare for the harvest. (Joel

Winnowing Fork
Intercession for the Harvest

In Biblical times, the wheat was brought to the threshing
floor as a part of the harvest.  The
laborers of the harvest would take a winnowing fork (Word of God) and cast the
wheat up into the air. The wind (Holy Spirit) would separate out the husk and
impurities so the wheat could be gathered for use.  Here are the specific Prayer Strategies for
Biblical intercession for the 6-Continents of the earth for the Harvest:   North
America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia.  

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the
nations using the promises of scripture we will cast up the nations before the
face of God for His wind to blow and prepare the wheat. Zech. 10:1; Joel 2:28

2.     Pray
for Labors of the harvest to go forth in the Continents along with the angels
to begin to reap the harvest and bring it in and the release of Healing
Miracles to go with it. Luke 10:1-9.

3.     Pray
that the Gospel will go into every sphere of society of influence: Matt. 28:

1)     Family;  2) Church; 
3) Government;  4) Education;  5) Media; 
6) Business; 7) Finances

4.      Pray for godly leaders to arise in the nations
that will honor God in their leadership. I Tim. 1:1-3

5.     Pray
for a fresh revelation of Christ in the churches that will activate them to win
the lost. Luke 4:18; Mark 16: 15-19

6.     Pray
for God to manifest his name through signs and wonders that His Word will go
forth with great boldness in the earth. 
Acts 4:31

7.     Pray
for the Peace of Jerusalem and the Fire of Salvation to go forth.  Isa 62: 1-3

8.     Pray
for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this next generation for a harvest.  Joel 2:28


Pray Revival for Israel &  the 6-Inhabited Continents of the earth:

1) North America; 2) South America; 3) Europe;
 4) Asia;  5) Africa; 6) Australia 7) Israel 

These Continents are
assigned to a gate, and a one of the days of the Feast of Tabernacles:

                                                                                          Feast Tabernacles

the Harvest

1.  North America      — Jaffa Gate,  Sep 28                        

 South America     –Mevassert Gate,  Sep 29                                      

3.  Europe –   –
Samuel’s Mt. Gate,  Sep 30                      
Russia  – New Gate,                          

 Asia –   — Lion’s Gate,  Oct. 1                                       Pacific Islands     — Golden Gat

     Central Asia-       — Bethel

 Africa –  –
Bethlehem, Mt. Zion Gate, Oct 2          
Australia –  – Bethany Gate, Oct 3                            7.   Israel – — Mt. Zion Gate, Oct 4                                     Middle East     — Damascus Gate                

      Turkey/ Muslim Nations                               

Jerusalem House of Prayer:

                The Isaiah 62 Picture of
Revival and Harvest using children:

glory is getting ready to go forth out of Zion to the Nations. (Isa 62: 1-2)
All kings will see this glory. Those who become watchmen on the Walls of
Jerusalem will see and receive of this glory for the nations. (Vs-6) Note: This
glory involves a release of Harvest Prayer for 
“the next generation”:

Verse 8

“Never again will I give
your grain (Your Children Israel) as a harvest

 of food for your
 and the
sons of the stranger (other gods) shall not drink your wine (your children’s
which you have toiled.”

Note: Our children are
our “inheritance of the Lord.”
  Psalms 127: 3-5

(There is a contrast between the sons of the enemy and
our children.) The word for grain literally means “to spawn” (Strongs, 1711) We
spawn or bring forth our children and the enemy makes war on our offspring.
(Rev. 12: 17)

Verse 9

“but those who harvest (in prayer) and gather
“harvest”  (in Israel); they (will
feast with them) and praise the Lord, and
will drink it (restored inheritance) in the courts of my sanctuary
“Jerusalem”  (restored worship).”  Note: When we join with Israel in this
harvest we will praise the Lord with Israel in Jerusalem.

Verse 10

10 Pass through, pass through the gates! (Pray through the Gates of

the way for the people (families to have restored inheritance).

Build up, build up the highway 
(of Prayer in Israel and in  your

the stones (Iniquity of this generation).

Lift up a banner to the (Jewish) people.” (People = Strongs,

Note: A
 for the nations (of the Father’s love & righteousness) to this


Verse 11

11 The Lord has made proclamation
the ends of the earth:

“Say to Daughters (the next generation in Israel) of Zion,
your Savior comes!

See, his reward is with him, (to restore of
your children)

his recompense accompanies him.’”

Verse 12

“And they shall call
them, the holy people (Israel), the redeemed (1350 -married) of the Lord: an
they shall be sought out, a city not forsaken.”
Note: A call
to holiness for Israel and for all the families in the earth as we are blessed
by blessing for and praying for Israel.



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