Mid-West Tornado Judgments

Storms of God’s
Judgment - Dividing Israel

Mid-West Tornados

On November 17, 2013, Seventy Tornados hit 7-States in the
Mid-West heartland of America. While our hearts go out to those impacted by
these storms in our prayers, these storms represent warnings from God having to
do with our actions in Israel.

There is a correlation between these damaging tornados and
our actions in Israel.  History shows
that when we try to get Israel to trade away her “heartland” in the West Bank
for peace that America gets hit with storms representing God’s warning and
judgments.  Counting the West Bank,
Israel has 7-Districts or regions. In biblical history judgments often came in
relation to the seventh year Shemittah. Every seven years the land was not to
be worked but to rest. When the Jews did not follow this mandate, judgment
would come. There were 70 elders in ancient Israel which is why Christ sent out
70 disciples.  It is no accident that 70-Tornados
hit 7-States which make up the “Heartland of America.” The prophet in Obadiah
tells us that as we do to Israel, so shall it be done to us. (Obad. 1:15)

History in
America has affirmed that God sends warnings and judgments when we attempt to

Have Israel
break covenant with God by making peace deals that violate God’s covenant made
with Israel. In fact, we are told that in the last days Armageddon is God’s
judgment and the reason has to do with scattering the Jews and dividing their

“ I
will bring all nations to the valley of Jehoshaphat, and I will judge them
there for my people, my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the
nations, and have divided their land.”
Joel 3:2


Examples of Past Storm Judgments:  Here below are other examples of how judgment
has come upon America in the form of storms when we have tried to make peace
deals in Israel to trade away their biblical hear land in the West Bank for

Perfect Storm
George H.W. Bush Sr. became famous for his speeches about a “New World Order.”
He was also the first US president to introduce the concept of “land for
peace,” to the conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbors, meaning that if
Israel will only cede some of the Land that has been deeded to them forever by
Almighty God to their Arab enemies, there will be peace in the Middle East.
This concept formed the basis for the Madrid Peace Conference in October 1991
that he arranged. It was the first time in history that Israeli and Palestinian
leaders came together to talk peace.
On October 30, just as the conference began, what has been called “The Perfect
Storm,” and dubbed by scientists as “a freak of nature” took place over the
Atlantic Ocean, as three different storms joined together, reversed their path
and then slammed into the coast of New England. One of the properties that were
severely damaged was President Bush’s private summer residence Kennebunkport,
Maine. While the president delivered the introductory speech at the Madrid
conference, 30 feet high waves engulfed his home and flushed his expensive
furniture out into the sea. The storm caused damages for an estimated $1

Hurricane Andrew On August 24 the following year, a follow up meeting to
the Madrid Conference was held in Washington DC. The object was the same:
making peace by forcing Israel to give up parts of the Promised Land. That very
night hurricane Andrew hit the coast of Florida, becoming the most costly
hurricane in US history up to that point, with damages for approximately $30

Tropical Storm Allison On June 5, 2001 President
Bush Jr. suddenly changed his political course of strong support for Israel and
sent CIA Director George Tenet to the Middle East in order to revive the
stalled “peace process,,” by implementing the so-called Mitchell Report. The
same day that President Bush Jr made that announcement, a “mystery storm”
called Tropical Storm Allison formed completely unannounced off the coast of
Texas. Meteorologists called Allison “the nation’s worst tropical storm” ever.
It caused flooding and a deluge of historical proportions to President Bush’s
home state with damages for $5 billion.

 Ã¢â‚¬Å“The worst weather in U.S. history” After this devastating setback it took almost two years
until the next initiative to remove the Promised Land from the Jewish people
took place. This time President Bush established the so-called Quartet
consisting of USA, EU, Russia and the UN, in order to force Israel to give up
part of their God given inheritance. On April 30, 2003 President Bush summed up
the Quartet’s demands on Israel in a White House Rose Garden speech with the
following words, “The government of Israel, as the terror threat is removed and
the security improves, must take steps to support the emergence of a viable and
credible Palestinian state… settlement activity in occupied territories must
The very same day, what would later be called “the worst weather in U.S.
history” began, as a total of twenty-one tornadoes struck seven states. Before
it was over a month later, a total of 562 tornadoes and 1,587 hailstorms had
hit the United States causing damages for an estimated $5 billion.
9. Hurricane Katrina On August 23, 2005, the same
day that the government of Israel announced that the forced removal of all Jews
from the Gaza strip had been completed, the US National Weather Service noticed
a tropical depression that would later be called Hurricane Katrina. 1.1 million
people had to leave their homes in New Orleans and the hurricane caused damages
for $165 billion and the deaths of at least 1,833 people.

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