Passing of Steve Cook – PrayHouse in Jericho

Dear Friends:

It is with sad heart that we announce the sudden passing of Steve Cook in Israel. Steve operated a Pray House in Jericho, Israel. He was a dear friend and brave prayer warrior who defied all odds to establish a house of prayer in the City of Jericho in the West Bank. The city is made up of approx 2,6000 Arabs. Steve had a heart condition and was going to have surgery but died before it could be done. 
His journey to go to Israel is a testimony of faith. Soon after he became a Christian, God told him to leave Texas and go to Israel to serve Him. Steve once told me he took a suitcase and got off the plane in Israel with 25 cents in his pocket. He was fearless in sharing Yeshua with others. He explained to me about his witnessing in Jericho. He said they respect conviction but if you are ashamed of your religion, they will kill you. However, if you are bold they will respect you.  He was bold! 
I believe He will be welcomed by the Father with huge hug and the words, “Well Done Good and Faithful Servant!
Please remember those who knew and loved him in your prayers. It looks like he will be buried in Israel. Details are still being worked out at this time. This is a great loss to those in Israel who worked with Steve. He leaves some big shoes to fill.  Shalom to all
Jerry Bowers

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